Community norms

Things seem to be getting a little more contentious recently. We are here to help each other use Kicad. Please think twice about posting ANY comment that doesn’t further that aim. Civility shouldn’t be an issue. If in doubt, let your reply set for a bit and come back and read it after a few minutes and see if you still want to post it. If we keep focus, we keep improving.

Thank You


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Long, cold pandemic winter seems to be taking its toll. We seem to be getting more mod requests that are user vs. user oriented.

Please keep you comments on topic and helpful. Sometimes I write a reply and let it sit before hitting post. I delete many more than I submit.

And although some of the developers drop by, this is primarily a forum supported by users. KiCad is open source software that is written and developed by volunteers. KiCad has been successfully used by many designers to produce boards of significant complexity and it continues to improve due to the dedication and enthusiasm of the developers. Developing software is hard and needs people familiar with the code base who are motivated and who feel their efforts are recognised.
KiCad has been around for quite a few years now and is hardly recognisable from the early versions. Unsurprisingly there were some decisions made early in the development that have had a long legacy - the 4th quarter coordinate system is an example. Dealing with these takes significant developer time which is limited. Some development has been funded via CERN but much of the work is unpaid.
Development is helped by clear, forensic bug reports, well argued development needs, usability and UI issues. Complaints about why feature xyz is missing are unhelpful and rather unproductive