Common USB connector footprint

I want to create a footprint for a USB Type A Vertical connector (as it doesn’t exist in the current git repo as far as I can see)

  • AMP TE 1734366-1
  • Amphenol UE27-AE54-100

I chose these two parts as they appear to have identical footprints.

Should I create multiple identical footprints for each connector, or create a common footprint that each connector can share? I’m presuming the latter but want some guidance before submitting a pull request.

If a common footprint, then can someone suggest an appropriate footprint/file name.

USB_A_Vertical ?

What about the document link? Is there a way to have links to multiple documents (e.g. for each of the manufacturer datasheets)? If not, then maybe individual footprints it the way to go.


For your personal lib: do what you think is best for you. Usb vertical might be a too generic as a name for this.

For the official lib: would require one footprint per connector. Each named after the component it is intended for. With the appropriate data sheet linked.

Best to keep them separate as you might end up with different 3d models

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