"Comment" out a entire section of schematic

Hello All,

Due to the parts shortage, I want to replace an entire power supply (PS) design with another design. And ideally I would like to “comment out” the existing PS design in the larger board, and add a new PS design with parts that are available now. (and quickly toggle between them).

I don’t want to keep two different schematics (it is being version controlled now). Is there an option to comment out an entire block. I know that there is an option to do so symbol by symbol (Comment out parts of a schematic), but is there a simple way to do this to a bigger schematic block?

Any idea on how to do this?


You can put the block you want to comment out into a hierarchical sheet and just not include it into the project.

This is sometimes called a “design block”, and that is also a bit more versatile. It is a part of a schematic, combined with a partial layout. It could be a power supply section as in your case, but it can for example also be a breakout board for an ADC, inclusive filtering and other stuff, and then you can choose between using the breakout board, or omitting the breakout board and directly embedding the layout of the breakout board in your own PCB.

But at the moment this is not (yet) supported by KiCad.
It may help if you up vote the issues below on gitlab:

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