Combining Polygons

Hi Folks,
Probably a newb question, but I’m still very much in the learning stage with KiCAD. I’m “hand” panelising some PCBs, and I want to merge a bunch of polygons that make up the edge cut. Two of those polygons are circles, so I can’t just retrace the existing polygons easily.

What would make things easier is if I could select several polygons and simply “intersect” them.

It’s not the end of the world if it can’t be done. I can work around it with a slightly ugly pipeline of KiCAD > print to PDF > CorelDRAW > Save as SVG > Inkscape > Save as SVG > KiCAD
(The extra Inkscape step is there simply because CorelDRAW SVGs are not standard enough that KiCAD can read them)

I spent about an hour trying every Google term combo I could think of so if this has been answered before, I apologise, but I just couldn’t find it)



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