Combined SMD and THT solder pad footprints-Where are they?

Some time ago, I remember seeing PCB footprints that combined a SMD pad with a conventional THT pad with a hole. Are these available in the current KiCad libraries? If not, where would i find them? Maybe there are some legacy libraries stored somewhere? Thanks.

This is the only reference to these types of footprints that I can find

To answer my own question I’ve found this library

Imagine you have:

• A THT (Pad or Device)
• A SMD (Pad or Device)

And Want to combine the THT and SMD

• Option #1: Just one on top of the other then, ignore DRC error of Silk and Mask etc

• Option #2: Make a Footprint containing both and draw a graphic (for Keepout, Silk… if desired). No DRC errors.

Screenshot shows the two items, then stacked on top of one-another then, a Footprint
(and are set to the same Net (tofu))

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