Combined QFP and QFN footprint?

Has anybody made a combined TQFP 0.5mm, TQFN footprint (is this even possible)? It would be great to have a board layout that would allow for either package type to be used. Of course this assumes that the pin numbers are the same for the same part in both footprints.

Different approach… depending on your setup, have two symbols in your schematic, one links to the QFP, the other to the QFN. Wire one up and then use local lables to the other.
Then proceed to the layout (after assigning QFP/QFN footprints) and place them over each other.
Connect them with wires and you’re done.

It’s also more flexible as you can mix and match where you see fit.

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I like that idea. How do I make use of the local tables? I’m a newcomer to KiCad and I’m just figuring out the basics right now.

and there in particular this

Actually, I think I’ve seen schematics where two identical parts were placed on the schematic, each having a different foot print, and corresponding pins given the same net names. Is it possible to make one of the symbols “invisible” on the schematic? In any case, doing this and placing both footprints on top of each other as you showed should work but when you started to layout the PCB the rats nest of wires would be a bit more complicated than normal, and there might be errors due to the pins touching?

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no, not at all. All you should get are additional lines drawn between the respective QFP/QFN pads. The ratsnest will only draw the closest connection. So there won’t be twice as many lines there. Just try it and you’ll see.

DRC won’t complain about pads of the same net touching afaik.