Combine jumpers into a header

Is there any way to combine several jumpers placed in the scheme on a header footprint?
Other CADs (as Orcad) resolved this by keeping thesame reference component in each jumper and putting adequate numbers of pins. There is something similar in Kicad? Is there another way?

You would have to create and use a multi-component symbol, like for an opamp with 4 units in a chip. That would then allow you to use JP1A, JP1B… and use one footprint for that.

That doesn’t sound appealing to me. This still doesn’t allow for distributing of certain jumpers to special headers or pin-ranges…

Might be good enough if you know exactly how many jumpers you need and that number is written in stone.

Thanks for your quick response.

I had thought that but wanted a more general way. There are many components that are separated in the scheme and the pcb form a single component: jumpers, dip-switches, … I would not want to create a multi-component at a time.