Coloured pads on PCB foil

Hi all,

Firstly - my thanks & praise to the KiCad team for making a fantastic tool which more than rivals expensive (and even inexpensive) commercial offerings. Your footprint libraries in particular are easy to use & understand, bravo!

Anyway… I finally got around to designing my first “real” PCB (that is, the first one I intend to actually make), and I’ve run into a bit of a weird problem, which I assume is down to me, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out…

When I print my PCB foil front & back, some of the pads aren’t black - they’re a sort of dirty yellow… This shows up if I print to PDF or direct to the printer. If I choose black&white, the yellow pads print light grey…

Any idea what might be causing this?


What version of Kicad and what platform. I don’t remember having this problem when I printed out prior.

Edit. From within PCBnew I chose print and then black and white. The preview looks as expected. I’m using Linux with a nightly build but previously used the Debian package with no problem.

Good point - version 4.0.7 on Windows 7.

I have 3 copies of the program kicking about - 1 at the office, 1 at my workshop & 1 at home, my home one being on Linux. Anyway, I just tried all three of them today, and now all the pads are black! So whatever the issue is/was, it’s gone away!

It might have been related to some footprint mismatches I was getting between the three machines (the project is shared via NextCloud to all three machines, albeit on different paths).

If I manage to recreate the issue again, I’ll post here with whatever steps it takes.


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