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I was wondering if there was any appetite for colour text in schematics?
Using an expensive purchased suite (Altuim) I could assign schematic text to any colour I liked. I found it exceedingly useful as I could see at a glance that a group of blue pins might be outputs and orange pins inputs (for example).
Attached is such an image showing how the pins of a 3.3v microprocessor might be 5v tolerant, or be capable of analog input. Same with net labels, using colour to identify when the micro might be doing one job and using the pins for SPI, or something else and using them as bit-bang.
I could put colour into a symbols text, or colour a net label.

After being able to use colour in this way I have found the “mono” colours in eeschema quite limiting. Sure I can label a pin or net, but colour adds that extra dimension. Like going from a BW photocopy of a service manual to a colour version…

Something to add?

(hopefully my image upload works - first time for everything!)

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Feature is already implemented in the current development-version (v6.99, download a "nightly-version) for text-elements and labels.
Pin-names in symbols are an exception, they are still drawn in default-symbol-color.

There is a plugin for this. See:

You find a short introduction here:


KiBuzzard is a really useful plugin but it only deals with text on the pcb. I think the op was interested in text variants on the schematic, which, as @mf_ibfeew has pointed out, will be in the next major iteration (and can be test driven in the current 6.99 development version).

Yes, that is correct : colour in schematics. But the buzzard plugin is certainly interesting.

I look forward to the next release… my workflow [ie: boss] would not be happy for me to use a development release for my work!

Monochome it is at the moment.

You can install both development and production versions alongside each other or, if you are concerned, on a different machine or virtual machine. Just be aware that you can’t convert designs in 6.99 back to 6.

Development of the new version would benefit from lots of testing and bug reports so running a dev version is a useful service to the community.

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