Color schemes in eeschema


is there any way to define color schemes and choose from ones when need. For example, I define ‘Dark’ color scheme (black background and corresponding other colors) and ‘Default’ scheme (with white background and corresponding other colors)?
At this time I solve this problem for eeschema by creating two files ‘eeschema.dark’ and ‘eeschema.default’ in config directory (~/.config/kicad) and copying corresponding file to ‘eeschema’ file (which used as config file for eeschema). It would be more convenient to define color scheme through settings dialog in eeschema.


Check the bugtracker for wishlist entries in that regard.

Can’t do much more at this point in time.


Export/import of color schemes is still planned as far as I know. I thought it’d be implemented by now but I guess not - I’ve been away for a couple months so I’m not 100% sure what happened, but I doubt it was cancelled. Hopefully it’ll be possible soon.


This didn’t make it into the 5.0 feature freeze because I’ve been working on other things, but just wanted to note that I am still planning on implementing color themes. I had done a bit of work on it but then put it on the back burner in order to get some other things merged.

In case you want to follow this issue, here it is in the bug tracker: