Color profiles in pcb 3d viewer

When I’m rendering a set of PCBs that each have different colors, it always takes a very long time to go back through each layer and hand pick the color again. Especially when some are HASL and some are ENIG. Also, if I go back to a color I have to try to remember the value if it’s not a default selectable color already available.

It’s also a pain when it takes a while to render a bigger board to go through each layer and sit for a minute between each color change (especially bad if I eyeballed the color wrong).

It would be wonderful to have the ability to save out the current color scheme as a profile and then be able to return to exactly that later when necessary. This would be similar to ZofZPCB, which is the only other way I can find to reliably render my PCBs (but which now doesn’t work due to a new way I’m using to define my edge cuts and also requires me to boot windows).

Thanks for your consideration!

colors are saved as plain text in the config files. So you should be easily able to do this by hand or write a small python program that does it for you.

This will be about everything we other users can suggest. For anything more head over to the bugtracker and create a bug marked as wishlist if it does not already exist.

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