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I’m using kicad on a knoppix system ( linux ) and want to change the color of the Drawing Frame from this dark red to a grey color.

There should somewhere a config file for the color of the frames in the pl_editor

I find a config file in ~/.config/kicad/pl_editor but there i dont find any color configuration line…

Maybe someone know other file directions where i could find the config file? Maybe the config file for the 30 predefined colors ? Maybe if i change the predefined dark red color, the drawing frame change its color too…

Would be very nice , if someone could help me there.

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I believe that the frame color is one item that is not configurable via the KiCad gui. I have a feeling it is hard coded in the source.

I am sure this has come up before, but I didn’t find a related bug report, although is in the general area.

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Youre right.

You cannot choose the color in the gui.

Because of that i’m searching for the scource Code where i can change it.

The frame/border color is RGB=(132,0,0). In that corresponds to “RED” aka “Red 2” ( the table is in BGR order).

I think if you search the source code for “COLOR4D( RED )” you will find all the places that color is used.

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common/worksheet.cpp line 96

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