Collection of Pro Audio Component Footprints and 3d models


Hello Kicad Friends,

I’m working on a project for a professional live audio mixing console. So I’m interested in creating a collection (hopefully open source) of all of the professional pro-audio inputs/outputs. I’m hoping to collect the footprints and 3d models so that i can create board designs for my audio mixer and other audio related projects.

Here is a list to start of the components I’m hoping to get footprints and step files for.

  • Maybe some 1/4 Inch?

To be more specific, my project will use NC3FAH, NC3MAH, 35RAPC7JS or 35RAPC2AH3, and PJRAN2X1U01AUX or PJRAS2X2S01AUX.

Anyone have ready-made footprints for these? Looks like step files are available for some already when searching… Thanks for the help!



I might be interested in helping. Do you have any more details about the project? I have a fairly extensive pro-audio and electronics background and would be interested in helping.


It’s a professional mixer project using FreeDSP or Teensy 3.6, and a custom ADC/DAC module I have been working on with a PCM5242 and a PCM1865. The card can be daisy chained to add inputs and outputs using TDM. I do need help with the coding, the hardware is semi-tested using a prototype. The new PCB’s are almost ready to be sent for prototyping. The inputs/outputs are just header pins - so you can plug in RCA, XLR,etc into the card for various inputs/outputs. This is what I’m getting ready to design. Most of my footprints aren’t available anywhere which I’m surprised because these are popular parts in my world!


I’ve had the most discussion about the project here.

But I’m also active and waiting for my group buy for the FreeDSP Aurora.


HI Jay,

I submitted many Neutrik footprints at, including A and AA series. They haven’t been fully reviewed so you’re at the mercy of my errors, but hopefully they may be of use to you.


Hello Evan, that’s amazing. Excellent work. I’ll be using some of them for my project, I’ll submit any feedback I come across.