Collection of KiCad color schemes

Hi, if you want to change the color scheme of KiCad, look here for inspiration:

If you have your own colour scheme where you think others could be interested in, simply make a PR on GitHub :slight_smile:


Wow wow great progect :sunglasses:

It would be nice to have also a scheme for 3D viewer…
i.e. emulating these PCB colors (theming Mask, Tracks, Silks).

Coming in V6, or at least that’s my plan :slight_smile:


The sw (black and white) in eeschema is of interest to me. Anyway to lose the shades of gray in the chip?

EDIT: Seem to have hit the wrong reply button. :flushed:

that would be great!
Would it be possible also to cover the WRL exporting colors?

Yes I’ll add that to the list

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Yes open the color definition in eeschema (preference -> preference -> eeschema -> color) and change the body background color to whatever you like. (I mean you could also go through the text file and do it there before loading it but to be honest that just feels backwards for such a task)

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