Coin Cell Battery Holders

Hi! Does anyone know how I can find a schematic symbol for Coin Cell Battery Holder in kicad?

For a schematic you need a battery, not the holder… see in “device” library.
You only need the battery holder for the PCB… there is a whole library of battery holders in the PCB libraries.
You then place the PCB footprint in the Schematic battery footprint Field.

EDIT: please ignore above.
For schematic you need a battery and a two pin connector with the specified battery holder footprint

If you want the battery itself represented in the schematic as well, place another battery symbol, mark the pads “unconnected” (hotkey “Q”) and check “Exclude from board” in the symbol attributes (found in the symbol properties).

this is the circuit, and i don’t know what to use instead of the ic!

What IC is it and what does it do?

how I can find a schematic symbol for Coin Cell Battery Holder in kicad?

Enter “CR2032”, or “Batt” (in footprint editor) or “Batt” (in schematic symbol editor) to get the right direction of searching.

Advantage of having battery holder and battery itself at schematic is that you will get them both in BOM.


OK, agree, wasn’t thinking about the BOM. Thank you for the correction.

The OP needs a 2 pin connector (any generic 2 pin connector) with the correct coin cell footprint specified, as well as the matching battery.

Is that the button cell the OP requires?

The usual convention for socketed parts is that the socket gets an “X” prepended. So if your battery is BT3, the socket is XBT3. U5’s socket is XU5, etc. The schematic symbol normally stays the same, but I can imagine some situations where a special socket symbol is warranted. Suppose you have an SD card A14, and the socket has a card-inserted sensing switch. You’d probably want to draw a separate symbol for XA14 to show this switch.

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