Closed loop traces

Hi, everyone, i’ve been studying a PCB design lately and i’m seeing this type of routing: trace initiating from a pad, to a via and back to the pad. What is the purpose of this, how does it contribute to efficiency?

And btw, if i try routing this way, when i draw the trace from the via back to the pad, the previous trace (from pad to via) disappears, as its trying to tell me: that’s the same path. How can i draw this without the previous one disappearing.

Below is the pic about the issue im talking about.

Generally speaking, it is not very useful to do this. Sometimes it is done to reduce the induction of the track, but in that case it is also better to give each stub it’s own via.

If you want to keep the old connection on the PCB when you make a new one, then:
Pcbnew / Route / Interactive Router Settings … / [ ] Remove Redundant tracks

Thanks a lot!!
It works great.

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