Closed jumpers generating DRC in PCBnew

It appears that using closed solder jumpers (i.e.: 3 pads 1,2,3 with 1 & 2 shorted - using “SolderJumper-3_P1.3mm_Bridged12_RoundedPad1.0x1.5mm_NumberLabels”) produce a DRC error:

I have checked around and found some discussion about this issue with a resolution about getting around the DRC error using a Polygon to short the pads, and a posting of updated footprint to resolve the issue.

My question is, if submitting Gerbers to the PCB house which have this issue, will it not generate flags on their end also as you’ve essentially shorted two nets on the design, do I simply inform them of this issue so that they know or is this a common thing and they will not even ask?

Anyone else using these solder jumpers, and what do they do?

I’m prepping the final stages before submitting a design and want to be sure I’m properly prepared. Worst case I simply replace the solder jumpers with open ones and solder the default pads closed after assembly… but that’s an extra step I want to avoid.

Thanks to all that have comments.


The manufacturer can’t even know about your nets and their connections unless you tell them explicitly. They know only about continuous copper areas which can be seen in the gerber files. If I have understood correctly File -> Fabrication Outputs -> IPC-D-356 is for information about copper features and corresponding nets for testing.


Agreed, my brain doesn’t always type what I’m thinking, so although the question was poorly written… you got the main point.

I’ll stop stressing over it, and clean up the rest of the board. -thx

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