Clone placement

Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to make a duplication (simply!) Of a component placement?
In fact I have several identical circuits (X12) on my schematic, I create the netlist then I import it into PCBNew.
I made a suitable placement on the first group of components.
Is it possible with PCBNew to make a clone of this placement in order to facilitate my work?
Thanks for your suggestions.

The “Replicate Layout” script is made for this, but to use it you also need to use hierarchical sheets.

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Hi Paul, my schematic is hierarchical !
Where I can find this script ?

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Thanks for the joke !

Hi Rene, thanks for the link.

Are you really serious that my hint was not enough and Rene’s post add something useful for you?


Try next time :slight_smile:

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You suggest “how to use a search engine” René gives me a usable link, that’s the difference. Finally, no controversy, my question seems simple and legitimate to me, I am looking for an example to make a duplication of placement, if it is possible, quite simply. Search engines do not necessarily give a direct answer and you have to sort it out before finding the right answer, which is what I did before asking my question.

So you would prefer someone else sort it out for you?

Search is easy if you know what to look for.
@paulvdh gave you the name of plugin, making finding it today’s ABC.

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FYI, while there isn’t an official plugin manager for KiCad (yet, there are rumors of one being worked on), there is a maintained list of plugins that you may be interested in reviewing to see if there are any that you might want to use. See the readme for this githib repository:


Thank you for the information I will see what it is

That is after all why one asks on a forum. Otherwise one could just play around alone preferably in a dark cellar :wink:

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On the other hand it’s a common “rule” in Q/A forums that the one who asks should do the searching, not those who answer. There’s nothing wrong in giving a direct link in the answer and I recommend it, but sometimes I feel that if someone wants to find an answer or get help it would have been easier and quicker to do the search instead of writing a question here and waiting for the answer.

Ok guys, after looking on the Github:

I found a good video tutorial on how to use it:

The problem (if there is one) is to use a hierarchical sheet to duplicate the group of parts you want to replicate on PCBNew. Thanks to all the contributors and congratulations to the designer of this great plugin.

Here a video example made by me :

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