Clearence pad not change


I’m designing a plate with an LQFP and when I want to draw the different lines I can’t let myself draw due to clearance (I think) how can I change these parameters
I show image of the pads with the clearance line, how can I decrease this glob
I’m using kicad 5.99


file -> Board Setup -> Design Rules -> Net Classes

the default netclass has 0.2mm clearance. Set this to a suitable size based upon your fabricators capability and the copper weight you will use

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I change the net class and not change on board

what is the exact footprint you are using?
LQFP-144_20x20mm_P0.5mm ?

I use the footprint LQFP-128_14x14mm_P0.4mm from Package_QFP library

That is the right screen.
So with an LQFP-128_14x14mm_P0.4mm

Exactly the same as what you see

Updating the clearance and minimum trace to 0.1mm 0.13mm
The change is reflected in the board. Likewise it is trackable

what exactly do you see?

also how fine is your grid?


I use 0.02mm of grid.
thanks for your help

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