Clearance Violation, DRC does not match Settings? V6.0.2


in my settings the clearance is set to 0,2mm, but I get an error that the clearance must be 0.254mm.

What causes the requirement for 0.254mm? Please see the images attached for the settings.

Thanks a lot, Best Regards, Seppel

check the properties of both zones (GND-zone / +3V3-zone).

  • how is the setting for copper zone properties → electrical Properties → clearance? (maybe there you will find the 0.254mm-value?)
  • be sure to assign different zone priority levels for both zones

Or log a bug and upload a zip of the entire project.

The report is saying the clearance came from the netclass (which would also include the board minimum, but both those are set to 0.2). So if it’s really coming from the zone or something, then there’s a bug in how it’s being reported…


thanks a lot, I was not aware of that setting. Issue solved.

Best Regrads, Seppel

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