Clearance of specific track

I would like to support a certain connector to be hand-soldered. However, there are GND pads (rectangular i the image, the upper pad) which are located at the center of the connector, so I added pads (round one, in the the bottom) which are external to the connector, and would like to use them to transfer the heat to the GND pads.
So I put pad and connected via thick trace (also used smaller width for the thermal relief tracks). It’s all surrounded by GND zone. I defined a zone which copper pours are not allowed in it.

Is there an option to set clearance for specific track to keep it away from the main GND zone?

Normally you could define Netclass based clearances, but the tricky part here is that both the trace and the copper fill do belong to the same net (GND). TBH I’m not even sure why the GND track here is not filled with copper pour (you can define Pad-to-Zone connection but don’t know about Track-to-zone).
Anyway you can always manually do Zone cutout, but it’s not automated as clearance would be.

I believe you can solve this problem making use of a net-tie, otherwise from the standard options I believe it is not possible.

Thank you for your proposals.
Eventually, I created a new zone (which gives you the option to define clearance), defined it as ‘no-net’ and gave him higher priority.

Oops, too late…
But still:

There is another option.
You can edit the footprint itself in the Footprint Editor, and extend it’s pads, and you can also set clearance values for those pads in the Footprint itself.

If you want to go this way, clearances are “inherited”. Usually the clearance of a pad is set to 0, which means it get’s it’s value from somewhere else (usually the net class, zone, etc). When you explicitly set clearance for a pad in a footprint, then that clearance is used for that pad.
Full details may be more complicated, so do some reading if you want to go in this direction.

Thanks for your answer. Good to know, already went with previous solution

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