Clearance between groups of nets

After a week break I came back to my first KiCad PCB and got into the problem of clearance.
Till now (Protel from 1997) I was specifying clearance ‘from - to’ and not ‘for’.
Each of ‘From’ or ‘To’ could be: Pad/Net/Net class/Component/Component Class/Layer/Whole Board and some others I have never checked how to use them.

Simplifying the problem I have few nets being at +48V potential (PoE). I would like to specify a bigger then normal separation from them to all others (including GND zone) but not between them.
I can’t find how to specify it in KiCad.

Is it possible ?
If not - how do you live with it?

I didn’t checked it yet (expect too many errors to look through as I have routed only small part of my PCB) but I have read in KiCad doccumentations then when you run DRC the zones are automatically filled so to have them filled with that my bigger distance I can’t change that clearance just prior running DRC to have no errors reported about that nets are to close to each other. I also don’t wont to have to accept some errors - it is simple way to miss one (if not now then in some time in future).

Better design rule system is in plans for 6.0. I have understood it may contain a clearance matrix. See / Constraint Management.

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For me:

  • Allow constraints to be defined in schematic editor and passed to board editor via netlist.
  • Update netlist file format to support constraints.

are not really needed, but looks like adding some (may be lot) complication to schematic and netlist making a task more developers time consuming.
I don’t see the difference if I define constrains in schematic or PCB.

I decided to move to KiCad when I sow Push & Shove routing demo. As it is usefull only when you can precisely define constrains I supposed it is also done.
Fortunately I have only few PCBs where constrains are more complicated. Unfortunately when I decided I am ready to start in KiCad the first PCB needed new version is one of them :frowning:

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