Cleansing default footprint libs and adding personal footprint libs

I tried to edit the fp-lib-table manually to delete all of the libraries that come with Kicad and just add paths to my own footprint libraries. I had my libraries working before I did this, I added them to the fp-lib-table using the GUI in Kicad for appending the table.

Now that I emptied it out and just have my libraries in there I am getting an error when I try to load footprints from that library in Kicad.

Has anyone else seen this? I am sure I am doing something wrong here. I edited the fp-lib-table that lives in the AppData roaming folder on Windows as well as the one in the shared/kicad/templates folder to be the same file. It is very simple at the moment to test it out, the file is copied below.

fp-lib-table (144 Bytes)

Has anyone else seen this error? I feel like I am missing a parens, but I can’t see where it would go…


‘$’ must not be at the start of that path string as it’s not a valid path for KiCAD.
See my reply to you in the other thread about this… will solve your problem and get you going how you wanted to. :wink:

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That’s embarrassing. Thanks!