Clean unused library

I think it is very useful to remove unused library from library listing.
It is confusing to have many library on the list.

It does not needed after project is done anyway.

In the KiCad Project Window, go to “Preferences > Manage __ Libraries”. Then uncheck “Active”.

I’m not sure if the OP is making a comment or asking a question.

There is valuable, upto date, information on library manipulation in the FAQ, here and here.

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I think the answer is “yes”. :slight_smile:

Yeah, clean unused libraries are better than dirty used libraries. :wink:

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I mean, after the project is done, unused library should be removed from the list to avoid confusion.
Also, I imports some symbol to my own set of library. But some library just have small set of symbol. I’m not importing these. Just use it as is.

After project is done (or made), no more choosing component. So I need to clean up.
I currently done by removing one-by-one and run DRC each to make sure it’s unused. (of course, generic library always used)

That is.

…some of my libraries are older than that…

Another method to keep your libraries from becoming too “dirty and used” is to use project libraries.
When you start a project, create a project library. Transfer or import the symbols you need for that project into the created project library.
That project library will only be able to be viewed when that project is opened. This avoids your “clean up” of the other main libraries, but you can always find the library of symbols later by opening the project again.

This is mentioned in the Beginners Guide I posted above.

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Thank you, jmk, for the clear and explicit guidance for using libraries in a project-specific manner.

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The default list of libraries contains far too many parts/symbols for things I and, most likely most users, will never use. Thus, a Simple approach is to Uncheck the one’s not needed in the Global Lib’s.

That way, the presented list is much shorter and cleaner. User can always add back as needed or add to Project Lib’s…

How often will I use “Interface_CAN_LIN” ? Never!

There is one small drawback with this approach which is probably only a problem for more advanced use cases: with a project library you have to update the symbols/footprints manually if they change in the main library and you have to be aware that they have changed. if you keep the default (or your own main) libraries included in the project libraries you can simply use update symbols/footprints to get the global changes into your design.

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Hi @Tojan,

I was treating the project library more in an archival nature: these were the symbols/footprints used for this project at this time.

I do agree that keeping project libraries up to date with changes is a lot of trouble and prone to mistakes.

Personally, I keep all my projects linked to global libraries thereby suffering the “dirty & used” syndrome.

What is the point of endless library updates? What is the difference between the seat for resistor 0603 in 2010 and in 2023? I can still understand when new body types are added but this extension is not an update…

I meant to be cleaned is project library.
Global library only includes often used symbol: pinConnector, power symbol, general devices (res, caps).

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