Clean ratsnest and hide grounds

I am on my ~8th board and still have a lot to learn with KICAD. I am modifying/populating a board and I have ratsnest turned on. When I turn on the ground plane, many of the GND to GND nets will disappear. Is there a way to hide/suppress the GND connections in the ratsnest and save them for later with the ground plane turned off?

A lot of people request, and give idea about this from here:

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@OhMyKiCad it looks you are asking the same question as discussed nearby:

I just finished a 4 x 5" board that is, I would say, average density. It was a pain at first but when I would hit “B”, I would see the open runs diminish over time. I also followed the software suggestions and completed some grounds that were easy. Without the fill of GND on both sides, there were only about a dozen or so incomplete runs. ( after cntrl-B). I just sent my order off and in a week, I should be soldering. Thanks again KiCAD. I should be generating cash from this project in a couple of months and my check will follow.

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