Clarifying Plugin Call To Run External App

Occasionally users from this Forum (and others) download my Apps.

I recently received contact from a Kicad user regarding my simple Java-Based Project Mgmt App.

The User’s problem was, when calling the App from a Plugin, while it worked, it kept Kicad in a ‘wait’ mode until my App was closed. Also, user couldn’t find the Output file (too lazy to search, I guess).

I informed the User, as follows (and post here for curious users clarity…):

• There are different ways of Calling/Running apps from Python
• The chosen Call syntax depends on the Platform, and there is more than one way to make the Call
• If one Call syntax doesn’t suit your needs, try another

Below is the Correct call syntax that will Not cause Kicad to ‘wait’. Thus, it just calls the App to run in Stand-Alone mode (also shows alternate call that will cause Kicad to ‘wait’)

Screenshot of Call and Gif Video (showing Kicad is not waiting - sans no spinning wheels…) At video’s end, you’ll see the Location of the ‘dufuss.db’ and the Output file (in the folder where Kicad lives)


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