Circular Pad in Pad, Base Circle of Custom Shape results in DRC

I have designed a footprint like shown below.

I used the “Custom Circular” for the outer Pad and set the “circle” size to zero and added only custom primitives. But then this will result in DRC Errors since the outer pads base circular pad with size zero collides with the inner Pad.

Is there a good solution for that? Can i remove the inner Pad completly?

In KiCad you can add graphics to a pad, but the pad itself remains the attachment point for tracks. There is also a limitation that the graphics have to overlap the pad itself, or else the graphics will become disconnected from the pad when you exit the Pad Edit Mode.

So I suggest to use a pad of approximately the size of the cyan dot for pad 2 and then place it on one of the arcs.

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I used the “Custom Circular” for the outer Pad and set the “circle” size to zero

pad with diameter==0 should be avoided. At least with version 7 these pads are prohibited and automatically converted to 1um-pads.


The pad anchor must be there. It locates the hole and where the pad {0,0} is. However, since you have no hole, you can put the pad anchor at 9 o’clock and then offset the rest of the shapes in the pad by the radius of the outer arcs.

(Or just use Pad Edit Mode and move the anchor out to 9 o’clock and it will do the rest for you.)

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Yep, thanks. Thats what I have done now more or less. Since freeroute could not process the Arcs anyway I have split it into two seperate pads. While doing so I relealized that an easy fix would be to move the origin into the Arc itself.