Circuit with three parts in the same layout


I’m designing a circuit that consists of three different PCB linked together with flat cables. The entire project is in a single KiCad schematic and split into different hierarchical sheets. I want to order the three PCBs as a single PCB with V-groves so that I can split them myself.

The problem I’m facing is how to handle the ground planes and voltage sources in the layout.

For example, unless I wire the ground planes together across the V-groove like in the image below, PCBNew refuses to fill all the ground panes.

Though I can see why PCBNew wants me to wire them together, it is not what I want.

So my question is this: Is there a recommended procedure to create a layout in which there essentially are three different circuits?

You have to go back to the schematic and modify the respective GND and supply nets - probably with modified power symbols even, like GND_1, GND_2, etc…
KiCAD in it’s current form is not geared for panel-work unfortunately and we have to use workarounds.

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Aww, was afraid that was the answer. Thanks for confirming my toughts.

If you were to join all those filled zones (going over the v-groove lines) they would fill, but naturally you’d loose the ‘keep-out-area’ for the v-groove-wheel that shouldn’t run over copper…

Changing nets for ground and voltage sources seems to work splendidly.

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