Circuit simulator in the upcoming version 6

I haven’t see anything mentioned about the simulator and was wondering if it will continue to be available in the next major release?


Compatibility is being improved
From the Ngspice site:

ngspice release 33, October 18th, 2020

A new ngspice release is available. ngspice-33 is offering several new features and code enhancements.

New features: Further improved VDMOS power transistor model.
Improved JFET model (temperature model) and bipolar model (Krull quasi-saturation model).
New commands, new code models, compatibility switches for KiCad and Spectre have been added.
KiCad compliance has been improved. For a list of all new features please have a look at the NEWS feature in the ngspice tarball.

Great to hear.

Thank you for the information.

Support for external simulators (like LTspice) has been removed in 5.99. Still working in 5.1.7. (Don’t know the real reason why. The original developer of LTspice also moved on to a new project, though. Maybe things are moving towards improved Verilog-A(MS) support?)

Yes and no. It had disappeared for some time, but now is back.

File->Export->Export netlist->Spice

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That’s great to know – thanks! Well hidden, though… :wink:

Related: Are tutorials for the simulator in KiCAD 5 still useful for the simulator in KiCAD 5.99/6 or are there major changes? Where would I look for a somewhat up-to-date introduction in simulation with eeschema 5.99/6?

They are still useful. I haven’t seen any visible major changes at the simulation side. Of course there are improvements under the hood.

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