Circuit diagram and PCB for Arduino UNO

Hello all,
I am Jacques from Mauritius. I want to build my own Arduino PCB that is SCHEMATIC AND PCB. I have the schematic but I need the PCB layout file or the actual file in KiCAd format so that I can open same in KICAD, so that I can have it made.
For your info, I am using KICAD for other projects for ham radio and model railways.
Can someone help me???
Awaiting your reply or comments soon

I would question why you would want to build something mass produced and tested working that can be purchased for far cheaper than you can make it yourself. But if you are still keen, there are lots of respins on the Arduino design out there and you can probably find one with both schematics and PCB layout open sourced.

I’m not sure what you want to do. If you want to create the PCB design yourself, you can do that in the KiCad PCB editor (Pcbnew). An Arduino board shouldn’t have too much components, so it shouldn’t be too hard (assuming you have some basic KiCad experience and PCB design knowledge).

Or of course you could try to find an existing pcb design and use that. KiCad can import some third party formats if necessary (the current development version even more).

I am also not entirely sure what you want, but none-the-less a simple search: may get you closer to your goal.

At risk of piling on:

  1. Your schematic diagram: Is it a KiCad schematic or was it drawn with other EDA tool? Is it just a .pdf? Did you draw it?
    I am barely familiar with arduino but:

  2. It seems most likely to me that arduino was not designed with KiCad. There are many EDA tools available and KiCad was used for only a small percentage of total designs done.

But if you want to assemble your own board, you might be able to purchase a bare board somewhere, or you might be able to download gerber files. You can upload the gerber files to a pcb fabricator so they can make the boards. Those gerber files would most likely have been produced with EDA software other than KiCad.

  1. Beware that you can have a board which agrees with a good schematic, but a good workable board design is not guaranteed unless the layout is good. Simple netlist agreement with a good schematic diagram is not enough.

Eagle files for the Arduino Uno are here. (Beware that this seems to be an earlier Arduino Uno, and not the Uno R3.)

Since KiCad can import Eagle files, you might be able to import these into KiCad. I haven’t tried it, though, and can’t guarantee you’ll get good results.

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Thanks for your reply, Please find attached a picture of the 2 files in KiCad but it does not want to open??? Have you tried to open these files??? Please try and advise.

Awaiting your comments



They’re probably Eagle files so you have to import, not open. And your KiCad version is really old. (5.0.0)

Updated post. I see you have updated the screenshot. All good.

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You can tell a lot about a person by the way they are snooping around in other’s peoples business and attempt to inflict their arbitrary opinions upon others.

Double plus good for ppelleti who noticed something relevant, such as both the old KiCad V5.0.0 and the likelihood that the files are probably from an eagle project.

I’m not sure where import of Eagle projects was introduced in KiCad, but I assume that newer KiCad versions have better support for this. There are also lot’s of bug fixes in newer KiCad versions.
KiCad V5.0.0 is quite old. It’s from 2018-07-22

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In the moment someone publishes a picture which reveal something about them (which other people may see by accident and maybe didn’t want to see at all in the first place) it stops being their business only. It’s proper to give a hint, maybe the OP didn’t think about it before posting. It’s not too late to learn to crop a screenshot – which should be done anyway – and replace the original. (EDIT: which the original poster did.)


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