Circuilar SMD footprint with hole inside

Hello guys! I need some ideas on how to create a circular PAD like the one in this image (pin 3):

It is an SMD circular PAD with a internal hole.

Any thoughts?

Look at the attached example. Basically just do NTPH, Menchanical, circular, and choose the F.Cu layer.

SMD_with_hole.kicad_mod (363 Bytes)

I am not so sure about the paste layer. Maybe you can make a polygonal pad for that. Note this requires using the nightlies, what will be v5 soon.

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There is another really awkward solution, which may or may not work. You place a regular circular through hole pad in the middle. Then draw a graphics circle of the required width around it and move it to the copper level. The footprint editor will complain but will do it. Then you can create arc segments and move them to the paste layer. The result is not really pretty but it might work. Depending on how you are planning on connecting that circular pad on the board you might have to ad dummy pads over the circle to be able to connect the net for Pad 3 to the circle.


Oh yeah. You would need to add another graphics circle that overlaps the copper one by at least 3mil on each side and push it to the mask layer. Chances are this footprint will give you all kinds of headache down the road. But if you don’t want to use nightly builds this might be the only way to do it

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