Circles in Footprint

I have previously created filled circles using a circle of half the intended radius, with a line width equal to the intended radius. But the behavior is changed in 5.1.
This is the same unchanged footprint, it now has an empty space in the middle, and the “radius point” is not centered in the line. The same has happened in my PCBs, also unchanged since the upgrade.

Is this a bug?

May be related

It’s exactly that bug. I’m yet to compile and test the fix, but it should be in the next nightly build.

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Perfect, thanks. I’ll continue as is and wait for the fix.

This is also cherry picked into the 5.1 branch, so it should be in a future 5.1.1

I thought so. In my opinion this is a serious bug because it can lead to wrong gerbers, whether the gerbers are generated according to the visible graphics or not.

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