Circles around footprints

Hey Everyone,

I am new to Kicad and I’ve been following some tutorials to get used to it.
When I tried to change my track size in “board setup” there were these huge circles that appeared around my footprint out of nowhere.

Any help would be appreciated.

First your version information.
Help>About>Copy Version Information

It looks like you have some very large clearances defined. The mounting holes had me confused but I’m guessing in this case each via seems to have a clearance. Reminds me of the old ‘Spirograph’. :wink: Did you start this from scratch or get the design elsewhere? None of these seem like reasonable defaults.

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I’m using the latest version - KiCAD 5.1.6

You’re right! I did start from scratch and wanted to increase my clearance while routing so I increased it to a more significant but small value. (at least I thought so)

I’ve changed it and now everything is back to normal.

Thanks a lot your help! (That was very quick)

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