Circle silkscreen was exaggerated after plotting. V5.1.2

If I place circle silkscreen on board or on footprint, the circle silkscreen will be exaggerated a lot in Gerber after plotting. Software version is V5.1.2. Didn’t see this phenomena in previous versions.

The circles silkscreen in Gerber which were exaggerated a lot. The other silkscreen texts and arcs are normal.

Original circle silkscreen in layout editor.

Please file a bug report about this here:, and it would be good to include the example project in your report along with the generated files.

Try enabling/disabling gerber x2 extended format.

An update to this. I found the circle silkscreen was normal when I used Gerber Viewer to review the Gerber data. If the data is opened by CAM350, the circle shapes on silkscreen will be exaggerated a lot. And all the circle shapes have the same position x:0 y:0 with different radiuses.

The buggy version of CAM350, in frequent use at low cost fabs, is why I recommend not to use silkscreen full circles, but to use two semicircles

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