Chromebook - Acer 315 - KiCad Initial Thoughts

I received an Acer 315 Chromebook laptop for virtually no dollar cost to me. I wondered, “Can I run KiCad on it?”

First step is to put Chrome into Developers mode. Next step is to use Terminal to install KiCad via command line (there is a quirk to this, but if you understand the basics of this sentence you should be able to figure it out).

I don’t use Track Pads very much; this was a MAJOR pain for me to deal with. A quick swap of a USB wireless mouse and things were pretty much back to normal with default settings. There is something a bit odd with the feeling of Warp and Zoom; but I have not yet taken a further look into the issue.

The load times are longer than I would have expected. Once things are loaded, the experience is reasonably good for a blank project.

Just wanted to make a small mention to see if others are interested in this topic before I spend much personal time taking note of the details. Before I myself started down this path I was wondering, “WTF is a Chromebook?”

My latest Chromebook actually a tablet has a Linux environment available and the grunt to run KiCad. Pair it with a USB keyboard and mouse and it would be feasible to run KiCad on the road. But it doesn’t have a HDMI port. :frowning:

Then again the affordable Intel NUC laptops with decent solid state discs would be even better.

But when I’m on the road I want to make real tracks and vias, not copper ones so I haven’t pursued the concept.

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