Check if a feature is being worked on. / Roadmap for newer versions of KiCAD


I just read the new additions in V7.0 and I got really excited about several of the changes. It inspired me to try and make an addon to add a feature I really wanted ever since I started working with KiCAD.
Is there a roadmap for later releases of V7.x or V8.0, so I can check if anyone is working on something similar. I fond an older roadmap for V6.0, but I cant find a newer one.
The last thing that I want is to make an addon that would clash with a feature that is already under way.

The feature requests that exist are found in the link below, and to some extent you can find out what someone is working on by whether the issues are assigned to someone.

Perhaps there is a more explicit list of what is being worked on somewhere else, that I don’t know about, so anyone can give additional information or correct me.

You can see some things being worked on by seeing what is targetted to the next version’s milestone on the GitLab issue tracker, which for the v8 development is Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab.

If what you want to work on isn’t listed there, then you should do a search to see if an issue requesting your feature has already been opened, and if it has then you can post a comment in it that you want to work on it and we (the developers) can help you get started. If there isn’t an issue for it, then you can either open a new issue describing it and requesting it, or send an email to the developer mailing list introducing yourself and describing what you want to work on.

@hmk @imcinerney Thank you both. I will get familiar with the code base and the issues before I jump in.

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