Changing z offset for multiple components

I have a layout that has multiple through hole components of the same type.
The component in question when viewed in the 3d viewer stands off the PCB by 3mm.
Is there a way to change the default z offset for that component? I know I can do it footprint by footprint on the board but that is very time consumig and I would like to change the default offset for all components of that type in this board and future boards.

Anybody point me in the right direction?

To me it sounds like you should create your own footprint (based on the old one) and use it instead of the stock one. And 3D model library, too. Modify the model in FreeCAD/StepUp.

You can open the 3D model itself in a suitable program (FreeCAD?) and then move it 3mm. But before you do such things you should first figure out what is the cause of that 3mm offset.

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