Changing via size with Python?

Hello guys, i have an additional question.
Is it possible to modify microvias with python? I need microvias from F.Cu to In1.Cu and the inner annular ring has to be smaller then the outer one. So I search for an alternative to “thru_hole”.

KiCad doesn’t support different size annular rings on different layers. You can turn off rings on unconnected layers, that’s about it.

You’ll have to stack a via with a custom pad footprint probably.

But in this post it is possible with Python. I only need to know how to change the length of the via hole.

That post is not saying what you are claiming it is saying. Single via still can’t have different annular ring sizes in KiCad, it’s just not in the program as of current release.

That post is also talking about stacking different elements to get similar effect, just like my post. You need to figure out how to get what you want in the editor first, then I can help you with pythonl. But you have to ask for things that are possible.

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