Changing track width on the fly [SOLVED]

I know I can set up different track sizes and change it using the dropdown menu in the upper left corner, but I am huge fan of keyboard shortcuts. Is there a way to change the track width on the fly using keyboard shortcuts?

pcbnew > preferences > hotkeys > edit hotkeys / list current hotkeys

in KiCAD r6097 there is a hotkey option for what you want [Ctrl]+[W] and [W]

Thank you kindly, I guess I just overlooked it.

Hi Guys,

I have the 2013 stable version, and the track width changing is not working… only the netclass width is applied, tried the hotkeys too, dropdown… I am missing something here?

I added the new widths in the design rule editor, but the drop down shows just the default netclass…

Meantime solved it… have to add it to the global design rules…

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