Changing the value of a resistor network

I use 2, 4 and 8 resistor networks a lot. I’ve got them defined in a library as multi-gate symbols using a single resistor symbol in common to all the gates of each device.

But when I place several resistors in the same package into a schematic, I can change the value of one of them without the values of the others changing. Is there any way to link the values of all the resistors in the same package so that when one is changed they all change to the new value?

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I have thought about something similar. It would be a useful feature if designs could be parameterized. I would find some use in this for microwave type of design. Where you have parameterized features like trace width, length, or impedance.

I don’t know of a way build into Kicad to do this, but you seem to be very good at scripting in kicad. hint!

Maybe the thing to do is just place a dummy value in the schematic and have a script that replaces the dummy values with values read from a csv file. Or just have the value set on the first symbol and have a script that propagated it to all the other parts of that instance of a multi-gate symbol.

Yeah, those things would work, but it’s really something that needs to be done within eeschema. Running a script on the schematic file would require shutting down eeschema, running the script, and then restarting eeschema to continue with cvpcb, netlist generation, BOM, etc.

Yeah it is by no means ideal. I don’t think there is a way build into Kicad(eeschema) at this point in time. At least that I can find.

I know what you are asking for is only the entanglement of component values for components of common reference. From my quick investigation I think you may have it backwards from what Kicad(eeschema) is doing now. What it does when using the automatic annotation feature it finds components of the same value groups them together(see my screenshot). I agree this is not idea, it would be nice to establish some kind of entanglement for the purpose of distributing component values. Maybe what is needed is option on the component properties window to push changes to other units of the component.

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