Changing the Layer for a Group of Lines in PCBnew and Footprint Editor


It happened to me quite a few times now that I wanted a group of lines on a different layer. Be it to mirror them or because I edited an existing component or other things.

I can right-click one line and change its layer but I can’t do that when I select multipe lines. Neither can I copy a group and paste it on a different layer.

Am I missing something?

Help is much appreciated :slight_smile:


You’re not missing anything, it’s not possible in the latest version. In the future it will probably be with the “object inspector”, but it will be only in 6.0 stable at earliest. Maybe in 2019 nightly builds.


you may try with
action_menu_move_to_layer A script to Move Selected Drawing(s) to chosen new Layer (available only in GAL)
this is working only for pcbnew and not for footprint editor


Thanks for the info!


Looks like what I need, THX!

I’ve never worked with plugins before. Let’s see how this works out :slight_smile: