Changing the KiCad Folder Icon to a Custom One


I noticed when I did the last install on my Machine going from 5.0.0 to 5.0.2 that my Custom KiCad Folder icon had reverted back to the original blank Mac folder. So, if I have to change it back again I figured maybe out there someone on a Mac would like to know how to do that also. I’ve included Mac and Windows Icons (not sure the procedure for installing a Windows Icon, but the files there all the same).

(for Mac)

  1. Download the icon included here (or make your own if you wish)
  2. Right Click on the KiCad folder in Applications and select Get Info… (or CMD+I)
  3. Open the downloaded folder icon in Preview, Click Edit Menu, Select All, then Copy.
  4. Click on the tiny folder icon in the top left most area of the KiCad Folder Info window (from step 2)
  5. Paste the new icon by hitting CMD+V
  6. Tada - new folder icon.

To remove the icon at any time simple do the same steps but hit DELETE after clicking on the
folder icon in step 4.


Your best bet is to open an issue (or better yet, a PR) here


Sorry Seth, I wasn’t complaining about any issue, just letting others know how to change the folder icon if they wish… I mean on the Mac at least. The windows people will have to figure it out on their own… :grin:


No worries. But your suggestion is an improvement and one that would likely be appreciated by others if it were included in the default builds.