Changing the draw order of the PCB

Hello everyone,

I have been using KiCAD for a few days now, importing some of my schematics and layouts into the software and I think overall my experience with KiCAD has been very good. I like all of the features that it offers and the 3rd party support is nice.

However, there is one thing that bugs me a little which is the order that the PCB layers are drawn in the UI.

I am adding here a screenshot of the previous software I was using to route boards. It has all of the layers turned on and from here, I can see everything in order. With the top most layer being opaque and the other layers being dimmed.

In the KiCAD software, I can get close by using the options to dim active layers which is helpful. But KiCAD doesn’t order the layers when drawing like in the screenshot above. So when I select the top copper layer, that is the layer I get and I can’t see very well the top silkscreen.

So in KiCAD, is there a way to change the draw order of the PCB layers to get it closer to what is in my screenshot?

Play a little with the opacity of each layer until you get something comfortable for you.

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