Changing reference design number without changing component placement

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I have basically done a full PCB design, and quiet happy with it. But long story short, I have to change every reference number for each component, which I dont really mind initially. Till I realized that everytime I changed the reference number from the schematic, the PCB will move its assigned place to somewhere else, and I have to reposition it.

Is there anyway to disable this?

When updating PCB from schematic you have to switch off using references for it - KiCad will use unique identifiers it adds to each symbol when you add it to schematic.
I can’t show screen-shot with this option as I don’t have KiCad 7 here.

Piotr meant this Re-link footprints checkbox during the Update PCB from Schematics [F8] procedure:

Note that KiCad also has a possibility to change the RefDes in the PCB, and then push the changes back to the schematic with: PCB Editor / Tools / Update Schematic from PCB. Apart from changing them manually on the PCB, you can also use PCB Editor / Tools / Geographical reannotate.

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