Changing Path of external plugin directory


I use Win 10 / KiCad 6.

During the installation a directory tree is created in
<my documents>\KiCad\6.0\

I would like to have this tree … somewhere else, e.g.
<my documents>\2_KiCad\share\6.0\

I have looked at the configuration files via the GUI (Preferences) and the files in %appdata%/Roaming/kicad
but it seems that the solution is not there.

Is there a suitable method to arrange this?
(In particular, I am interested in moving the PCBNew external plugins directory.)


It is not currently customizable.

Hello Marek,

Too bad, but not a real problem.
Thanks for the quick reply!


I never believe what I read or what people tell me. I always do the homework, then I know…

I use a Mac but, I see no reason Windows would be different…

My setup for my custom Plugin’s is shown below. Been working perfectly since setting it up in v5. Still working in v6.0.8

Snippet of the contents

I think your KICAD6_USER_PLUGINS variable is simply trying to mapping what already is the default kivad v6 plugins path…
If you search the code for ‘KICAD6_USER_PLUGINS’ you will not find any occurrence, so the variable is useless.

If you go to Tools->External Plugins->Open Plugin Directory in a clean installation, you will be prompted exactly to that DIR

Yea but I’m a KiCad developer…

KICAD6_USER_PLUGINS would never existed in v5 either if you notice that KICAD6 prefix :wink:

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