Changing paper size on schematic?

Dear Kicad Members,
How can I change the size of a paper on schematic ?
It seems that there’s no other option than A4 ?


In the ribbon bar at the top of the EESchema window, click on “File” then select “Page Settings” from the drop-down menu. A dialog box should open up. Use it to set the “paper size” (i.e., the size of your drawing area) as well as enter some information that will be displayed in the Title Block. You have a choice of around a dozen pre-defined sizes, plus the “Custom Size”.

Don’t worry too much about matching the dimensions of your drawing area to the size of your printer’s paper - When you print the drawing (either printed to real paper, or printed to an electronic file format such as *.pdf or *.ps) you can scale the size of the printed image to match the physical size of the media.

After you are acquainted with KiCAD you may want to customize the size, border, and title block. (This is called the “sheet reference” at some places in KiCAD.) You do this with the “Worksheet Layout Editor”, invoked from the main KiCAD shell.



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