Changing net label to hierarchical label/Global label

Hi Everyone,

I have designed a schematic in which I have assigned some local label, but now I want to change them to hierarchical label/Global label. Is there any way to change directly label scope.

Obviously I can delete that and made a new label, but that is too much time consuming, so I want to ask if any shortcut exist for this ?


This is one of those things that is probably still done easiest with a text editor.
All KiCad files are human readable text files.

So I put two labels in some project:

Then saved it, opened it in a text editor, and there it looks like:

Text HLabel 5350 5650 2 50 Input ~ 0
Text Label 5350 5800 0 50 ~ 0

There is also a lot of info of KiCad’s file formats in file_formats.pdf

Make sure you make a backup before doing stuff like this.

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