Changing Location of pinname

I have noticed that some components have the pin name at the end of the pin, others below the pin number (see attached pictures). If I open such a component in the editor new pins will allways be created in the same way as the already existing pins. I could not find any way to change this nor an indication in the .lib file.
Could somebody help me here?

Under Component properties: tick (or untick) place pin names inside.
Sadly this can only be done per symbol not per pin


Iā€™m still learning new tricks in KiCad

Yes, it works.
However, I could not find a way to change it, once the component has been created, other than going into the .lib file. There it looks like the offset value in the DEF line determins the behaviour. A zero will put the name opposite to the number. Any other value will put the name to the end of the pin.

Ah, good news.

So, a zero in the DEF line centers the name, any other number puts the name a distance from the end of the pin given by the offset number.
Do you know, by any chance, what unit per number increment is used?

I think to remember all dimensions in there are either mills (1/1000-th inch) or multiples of them.