Changing libraries


It’s been a while since last time I used Kicad.
In the meantime, many things have changed, and I have the following problem: Kicad doesn’t find the libraries I was using. Maybe I deleted something…
Now as I was using libraries including elements converted from Eagle, I would like to do a fresh start, and use the standard libraries, kicad-****-master that can be downloaded from the net.
I was using a Conn_02x20 for Raspberry. I found it in the above mentoned libraries, so it looks fine. However, how do I replace it?
There is still a component in the lib, probably, because there is a square with ??, which seems to say that it doesn’t find the lib. The component can be found in the new lib. And I have added a new one to check that I can indeed add a Conn_02x20, but I think I have to delete the previous one first.
If I double click the ??, I get a popup window that shows the object properties, but there is no way to
browse to the new location of the Conn_02x20.
Any hint to solve that?

By the way, I forgot how to add pictures, which would probably be better for explanations. I don’t see any image-like icon in the message editor.

Update: I found out that by double-clicking the ??, there is a field on the left, “Library symbol” with
validate and change under the field. By pressing change, you get a symbol chooser window from which
you can reassign it.Now I have myriads of capacitors and resistors to reassign. Is there a way to do a
batch change?


You can just copy a picture into the clipboard and paste it into the message.

Unfortunately there’s no automated way to do that in KiCad. The easiest solution is to go to a text editor, open the sch file and find&replace text.


V5 has a cool tool. Tools-> edit library references (or simikar I have no access to kicad right now.)


Oh, yes! I didn’t remember that although I have seen it. At least in the nightly builds you can see all the references with the same symbol name and change the symbol. Very cool indeed. But what happens if you have local changes which are only in the cache? I don’t have time to test…


This tool works even in that case. I use it to fix my projects after remapping.


Hello Rene!
Thanks for your reply. I checked the tool, and indeed it seems to do what I want. Too late to check, but I will (try to) remember it. And at least I noticed that I have power lines with different labels, some are 3.3V and some are 3V3, so it might also be a good tool to detect inconsistencies, even if not designed for that purpose.