Changing footprints from Pcbnew

I am using Kicad 4.0.2 version,while designing a new PCB I want to change a footprint which is already associated with schematic symbol using CvPcb I did the following steps.
1.associate a new footprint by using CvPcb.
2.delete all connections from the footprints which is to be changed. the current net list in Pcbnew[also
strike the option change under exchange footprint.
But it is not reading the updated net list it still shows the old footprints,
How can I update the new footprints without redrawing the whole PCB?

That is hopelessly out of date. (2 years old i think) you might want to update to 4.0.7. (4.0.2 has a lot more bugs than 4.0.7)

You miss some steps here. After selecting the new footprint in cvpcb you need to save that to the file (in both the cvpcb tool and eeschema. Both have a save button on the top left)

Then you need to export a new netlist from eeschema. (this is not done automatically)

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